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Gods: Pluto

These PC's are named after gods and for good reason! Whether your a serious gamer, content creator or just looking for a PC that stands out, these PC's can handle it all. With the brand new Alder Lake 12th Gen CPU's and the latest in graphics card technologies, as well as vast amounts of RAM and Storage, you'll never have to upgrade or buy another PC again!

Interstellar: Meteor

The interstellar range is the perfect range of high-end pc's. There new and improved 11th gen processors coupled with the finest RX 6000 series or RTX 3000 series makes these group PC's no joke. These capable pc's are capable of running the latest games in ultra settings without any drop to FPS. Perfect for your Gaming Needs!


Looking for a Gaming PC capable of running today's games at the highest quality without a single drop to your frames. Well this is the beast for you. Fully equipped with the 3070 Ti, the SL version of Corsair Vengeance PRO RAM along with the H170i to ensure your PC remains cool and silent at all costs throughout your gaming experience. This is most definitely the Gaming PC for you.

eSports: Primis

The eSports range, as its name suggests, was designed for eSports. Due to this, it comes equipped with the latest in gaming technologies such as the new 11th gen series CPU's and a NVidia RTX 30 Series Graphics Card along with up-to 32GB of DDR4 RAM and all the Storage required for your gaming needs no matter how extreme!
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