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The Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArma

The Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArma


So you're looking for the Ultimate guide to GrandTheftArmA. So let's start with, what is GrandTheftArmA? GrandTheftArmA is an Altis life server for the game Arma 3. Altis life is a role-playing game mode, where players take the role of a fictional character that they have created. GrandTheftArmA, formally known as, ‘GrandTheftAltis’, is a play on words for the Grand Theft Auto series. The reason for this is due to the similarities between the game mode Altis life and the GTA video game series.

What is role-playing server? A role-playing server is as mentioned where players will take on the role of a fictional character that they have created. You will have to think of a name for your character and a backstory for them, you will need to have a reason for all your actions when playing on the server. This is essentially what role-play is. You will meet other players and be able to role-play with them, to trade, talk or even fight each other.

What can I do on GrandTheftArmA and other Altis life communities? You will find that the game mode is extremely like Grand Theft Auto V Online. You can purchase clothing and equipment for your character. You can purchase vehicles, property, and weapons. You are also able to earn money by completing what is known as ‘runs’. Runs can be legal or illegal. You can rob other players, take them hostage or if you fancy it you can join a gang. You can become part of the government by joining one of the following factions: NHS, The Police, HATO (Highways Agency).


The Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArma - Rules

Because this is a role-playing community and not just another Wasteland server, there are some rules in place to ensure that you and others have a good time whilst playing on the island. I will not be covering all the rules as there are way too many to go over in just this guide. However, I will link to the rule page here to you can read them yourself and I will go over some of the more important rules.

Key Terms:

  • RDM  (Random Death Match)
  • VDM  (Vehicular Death Match)
  • NLR  (New Life Rule)
  • FailRP  (Fail Role-play)
  • Exploiting
  • Cheating
  • Metagaming
  • Initiation
  • Combat logging
  • Combat Storing

So, players on the island are required to interact with each other before any form of combat can begin. If you’re interested in murdering someone, you must have a reason to do so. You are not able to just randomly murder people and say that you’re role-playing as a serial killer.

So, to kill someone you will first need a reason, now that you’re confident you have a reason to do so you will now need to initiate on them. Initiation is where a player announces that they’re engaging in combat with another player. This has limitations though. You must initiate through direct communication using your voice, you are not able to do this in text chat. You must make your initiation clear so that the player can understand you, say something such as, “Hands up or you will be shot!”.

The Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Role play

Now that you have made your initiation clear, you must give the player time to react. This means that you are not allowed to initiate then instantly shoot the player. You can shoot the player if they are clearly stalling, if they fail to follow your instructions or if they attempt to retaliate. Generally giving someone 3 seconds to react is good practice. If the player has followed your instructions, you are not allowed to kill them. This goes true for as long as they comply with your demands. You are also not allowed to make demands that are considered unfair, such as asking a player to withdraw all their money from their bank and give it to you.

RDM/ Random Death Match is a common term used on the server; it is described as killing another player without initiating on them. It could also be considered RDM if you were to kill a player in the Green Zone (Kavala) if one of their gang members initiates on you. If you are not within your rights to kill another player and do so anyway, then you could potentially be banned from RDM.

The Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - RDM

VDM/ Vehicle Death Match is also a common term used on the server; it is described as intentionally killing another player using your vehicle. If you accidentally run someone over then it would not be classed as VDM. It is also against the rules to ram other vehicles. There are a few exceptions to this however and they are stated in the rules.

The Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - VDM

NLR/ New Life Rule means that when you die you start a new life. You must not return to the location of your last death or within its immediate area (1KM) for 10 minutes. When you start a new life, you will not have any memory of your previous one. This means that you do not know any of your previous enemies and you are unable to rejoin previous situations from your last life.

The Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - NIR

FailRP/ Fail Role-play is defined as failing to properly follow role-playing rules. The rules say that you must always value your life. This means that you should never ask to be killed, you must always put your life over your possessions. Another example is; you do not know the player’s names until they have told you. Calling someone by their name before asking is considered FailRP.

Exploiting is where you or another player abuse a glitch or bug within the game to gain an unfair advantage over other players. If you discover an exploit you should record video evidence of it and immediately alert a staff member. Note: If the exploit you have discovered gives an unfair advantage, avoid posting it publicly on the forums.

Cheating is defined as using external software to gain an unfair advantage. This could mean the use of an ESPAimbot or any other type of cheats such as a teleportation cheat, money cheat or invincibility.

The Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Cheating

Metagaming, which is defined as an action where a player makes use of knowledge that the player is aware of, but their character is not meant to be aware of. Metagaming examples could include: Revealing another player's location in chat, stream sniping, communicating with your gang if your communications have been seized.

The Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - MetaGaming

Combat Storing is where you are actively in a role-playing situation and store your possessions such as your vehicle, your loadout, your money, your virtual loadout. An example of this would be if you are about to store your money at an ATM and someone initiates on you, then you should not store the money. Combat logging is where you are in an active role-playing situation or an active combat situation and disconnect from the server. If you are found doing this intentionally you could receive a ban. If you disconnect accidentally then it is your responsibility to compensate any other parties involved.


Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Laws

GrandTheftArmA has rules for what you can and can’t do for things such as RDM, VDM, and various others. However, there isn’t just rules that you should be following. The island also has a strict set of laws. Although you will not get banned from the server for not following the laws as you would with the rules, you will be subject to the wrath of the Altis Police Constabulary.

There are a multitude of laws on the server. Covering things from the road traffic act all the way to murder, manslaughter and drugs trafficking and possession. Here are a few laws that you may want to keep an eye out for:

Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Laws Grandtheftarma

Disputing, Reporting & Compensation Requests

There are public TeamSpeak channels available specifically for sorting situations out between players. A lot of the time if a player breaks the rules and gains an advantage over another player the argument may be settled in TeamSpeak via compensation. This is recommended as it means the admins do not have to deal with as many reports.

If someone breaks the rules and you feel they have gained an unfair advantage you should attempt to let them know just in case, they are ignorant of the rule, to begin with. If the player doesn’t acknowledge your attempt to solve this then you should dispute them.

To dispute a player, you should open the main menu by pressing ‘Y’. Then select the dispute option. You can now navigate to the player's name and select them. This will send them a notification telling them that you have disputed them. You may now make another attempt at sorting the situation out between you both.

If you fail to resolve the situation then it is time to file a report against the player on the forums. Remember before you make a report you should have clear video evidence with clear audio demonstrating the player breaking a rule. You should follow the terms for uploading evidence. You can’t cut the video and must show a full 5 minutes before the incident as well.

Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Laws Grandtheftarma - report a player

Once you are confident that you have evidence and have linked it to your report then finish reporting the player. The admins will give them time to respond with their side of the story and they may offer another chance for it to be settled via compensation. If this still fails and the admin deems the player to have broken the rules, then the admin will issue a punishment to the player. This will vary depending on what rule has been broken.

If you qualify for compensation of the incident (you should read the terms and conditions for compensation requests) then you should also file a compensation request and link to the accepted player report.

If your compensation request gets accepted by the admins then you will receive a notification on the forums. You will then be able to go in-game and then go to the closest ATM. Now press the ‘Deposit Box’ option and you will be able to receive your loadout.

Basic Controls

Left Windows Key - Allows for multiple interactions with multiple objects, players, vehicles and other entities (Such as harvesting materials, interacting with restrained and downed players, repairing vehicles, using housing inventory etc.

Right Windows Key - Allows for the player to toggle earplugs.

Scroll Wheel – Allows for multiple interactions with the player and others.

Shift + T – This will cause the player to put their hands up and surrender.

Shift + R – Used to restrain players (You will need handcuffs to do this unless you have the insurgent licence or are playing as part of the police.)

Shift + H – Holsters a player’s weapon if the weapon is currently out.

Y – Opens the main interaction menu, allowing for multiple controls and actions to be completed by using it.

P – Used to access virtual inventory, for items such as food, water, lockpicks and other misc. items.

U – Unlocks and locks a vehicle, providing you have the keys for it.

H – Heal key bind (Providing you have a first aid kit)

– Opens up information on the conflict zone, including points gained by different gangs.

0 – Opens up the gang list, with the names of gang members that are active.

Ctrl + G – Used to knock another player out, providing you have the brawler perk.

F – Toggles the use of sirens on vehicles (This is only available for members of the NHS and the Police.

END – Toggles the seatbelt when inside of a vehicle.

‘-‘ x 2 – Toggles increased FOV.


Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Reports.

Role-Play is the act of initiating the behavior of a fictional character. You must create a fictional character with their own name and backstory to play the server. When playing on the server you must always be in role-play meaning that your time spent on the island will be spent as that character.

This means that you must not speak out of role-play to other people and you must follow the rules within the role-play. Your character must have reason for doing the things that they do. You must act reasonably as your character. Example: If you suddenly Desync and crash into someone, you are not allowed to mention that you suffered Desync as this would be speaking out of role-play.

Beginner's Guide to Kavala

Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Kavala

Kavala is known as a green zone on the server. It is the main city on the island, and you will encounter the most players here. There is a busy place known as Kavala Square, here you will find the bank, where you can access your money via deposits and withdrawals. You will also find a clothing shop where you can buy clothes, backpacks and vests.

These will be essential for doing runs. You will then find a doctor’s surgery where you can heal from any wounds that you may have taken. You will find next to that the equipment shop where you can buy items such as NVG’s, Toolkits, GPS and radios.

You will then find the market where you can buy virtual items such as food and water which you will need to prevent your character dying, first aid kits that can recover health when you are not near a doctors surgery or hospital, lockpicks which can be used to break into people’s vehicles, drills which can be used for breaking into the bank vault and to open the treasure chest for the ‘Gold Bullion’ run. You can also purchase bolt cutters which can be used to break into another player's house.

The market located in kavala

The market located in Kavala


Other notable locations within Kavala include; the hospital. This is the base of operations for most of the NHS staff that play on the server, you will most likely find a medic in this area. You can also use the doctor in the hospital to heal from your wounds. There is a car shop where you can purchase vehicles such as an SUV, Hatchback, Hatchback Sport. These are the starter vehicles and are the most common that you will see.

The hospital located in Kavala


The hospital in Kavala marked on the map

You will find the fish trader near the police station and back in Kav Square. You will also find the ‘DVLA’ as this server is based on British culture. You will need to purchase a driver's license from the DVLA to buy a car. If you want to purchase a truck from the truck shop you will need to buy a separate truck license. You will also be able to purchase legal run licenses from the licensing agency. These licenses are required for you to process the item.

Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Garage

You will also be able to purchase a firearms license from the licensing agency and then purchase a weapon from the gun shop, there are various gun shops located around the map notably in Rodopoli and Polaikio. There is also an Estate Agents at Kavala, this is for purchasing the property license and will come into play later on in the game when you have enough money to buy a house.


Methods of Income

Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Methods of income

There are many ways to earn a good old income on the island of Altis. Many of them are legal and many of them are illegal. You will find that the illegal ways of earning money produce more money at a faster rate than their legal counterparts however you will have to deal with the fact that you could be arrested by the police at any time.



Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Legal

You can make money legally on Altis in many ways, you also have some benefits when doing so legally. You may not make money as fast as all the criminals, but you could ask for protection from the police and they will happily escort you whilst you make an honest income. This means that you do not have to worry about getting looted by other gangs and having your possessions stolen.

You also don’t have to worry about being arrested, fined and then having your vehicle seized by the police. You can be a taxi driver; this will require a taxi license. You could go and pick peaches, apples or watermelons. You could also purchase a license from the licensing agency such as Copper, Sugar, Glass, Rocks, Tobacco. You will then be able to gather the item, process it and sell it at the designated trader.

Peaches are located North of Kavala(img)


Peaches, Apples & Watermelons

This is usually the first job that everybody that comes on the server does. It offers a lot of XP so you can level up fast and it also provides you with a method of income. You can make your way to a gathering spot for the following: Peaches, Apples or Watermelons.

You will see these by navigating your map. Once you get to the gatherer, make sure that you brought a backpack and then press the left windows key to start gathering. Once you have filled up and can’t collect any more. Then make your way to the market in the closest settlement and sell your fruit to the market. This is a good way to save enough money to earn a copper license.



Copper is a low-level run for newer players. It is a really good way of getting legal money fast when you first start the server. You will need to pick fruit first so that you have enough XP and money to purchase a truck, truck license, and copper license from the licensing agency. Once you have done this you can now make your way to the copper gatherer which is located here on the map.

Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Copper Gatherer

Gatherers are designated with a circle next to their name, processors are designated with a triangle and the trader with a square. Once you have filled your inventory and the truck's inventory (Open up your vehicle inventory by pressing ‘T’ whilst looking at it.) you can make your way to the processor which is located here.

Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Copper Processor

Once you have processed all your copper which you can do by pressing the scroll wheel and selecting ‘process’. Make your way to the copper trader, which is located just north of Kavala, here.

Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Copper Trader



Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Illegal

You can make money in a few different ways illegally on Altis. These are the fastest ways to earn money but be warned they are high risk, high reward. You will have to deal with the police who will be patrolling these areas and they will always try to arrest criminals; you will also have to be wary of other gangs. The top tier gangs on the server will try to rob you and take any of your possessions.

Firstly, you can rob other people on the server. This gives you the opportunity to steal weapons, trucks, money and other things from them. Be warned robbing people is extremely dangerous and they will most likely react by trying to kill you. Also, be warned that members of their gang can kill you once you initiate on them.

If you do not want to rob other player’s, then you can do illegal runs. You will need to be a rebel for these runs as you will need to purchase their licenses from the rebel outpost. The method for the illegals runs is the same process as the legal ones apart from instead of taking the processed goods to a trader you can take them to any of the 4 drug dealers that are located on the map. Be warned that the police will regularly arrest people who are in the area of the drug dealer and may well stop you and search your vehicle for contraband.

Rival gangs will also patrol the drug dealers and look to snatch your money from you at the last second. Always do illegal runs in groups and with friends. If you don’t want to do runs, then you can also rob the various banks on the island. These have special rules surrounding them as they are regarded as mission zones so make sure that you read the rules surrounding the zones before attempting this. Banks are also reserved for the more skilled players who belong to established gangs so you may want to think twice before triggering one.



Ecstasy is one of the most profitable illegal runs that is available on the server. It should always be done with a low number of players on the server as people will attempt to rob a person who is doing an ecstasy run and the police will try to arrest you and seize your vehicle. The process of an ecstasy run is like that of a copper run; however, it is way more dangerous. You start by gathering ecstasy in a truck and a backpack at the following location.

Once your truck and backpack are full then you can go to the processor and process the ecstasy in the following location.

Once you have processed ecstasy then you can make your way to a drug dealer and sell the goods there, make sure that you are not being followed and as soon as you have the money then make your way to an ATM to deposit the cash and then store your vehicle.



Moonshine is a unique illegal way to earn money. It is a run just like the other runs however, the method of processing moonshine is done at the alcohol processor and the alcohol trader which are both legal places to be and legal runs. You will first need a truck and then you need to make your way to the yeast gatherer which is located here.

Once you have gathered yeast and filled your truck then you will need to make your way to the alcohol processor which is located here.

Now go inside of the alcohol trader and walk to the processor that is shown in the menu below and then use the scroll wheel to select the option, ‘Process Moonshine’. This will process all of your moonshine. Once you have done that you can now make your way to the alcohol trader and sell your moonshine for cash. The alcohol trader is located here.



GrandTheftArmA - Factions

There are different government factions on the server. These factions are joinable via an application form located on the website. I will ink each faction’s application form in their descriptions. To join each faction, you must first read the faction handbook which is located in the same place as their designated application form, you will then have to wait for an RTO (Recruitment training officer) to review your application and then accept you.

You will then be invited for an interview in the TeamSpeak channel for that faction. If you pass the interview you will then become a member of that faction and will be whitelisted to join that factions TeamSpeak channel and play as them in-game. Keep in mind that each faction has its own requirements for joining and you should check these out before you apply for them.


Dispatch System

The dispatch system is the system that is available to all players on the island. You can use the dispatch system to alert the emergency services to a situation and you can also let them know your location. This is useful when calling the NHS about an injured player, calling the police to report a crime or calling HATO to alert them of a road traffic incident. The dispatch system can be opened via the main menu.

To open it press Y then press messaged and then new message, now select your desired service and write out a message then press send. This will alert the correct authority to your location and whatever situation is undergoing. If you want to avoid showing your location to the authorities, then you are able to toggle it when sending the message. It is against the rules to initiate on factions via the dispatch system.



Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - NHS

The NHS on Altis is responsible for keeping everybody on the island alive. They work tirelessly to travel across the server at a moment notice to revive downed players. The way that Grandtheftarma works is that when a player receives enough damage for them to be downed, they are unable to be revived by other players. Other players can, however, provide an IV/ Blood bag to keep the downed player alive for longer until help arrives. So, your only chance of getting revived once downed is a member of the NHS coming to you.

People in the NHS are regarded as having good role-play and they will attempt to role-play with you and get an idea of what has happened. Make sure that you treat them well as they’re doing you a favor and that you role-play back with them to a good standard. You may not attack/ initiate on any member of the NHS as they are classed as an independent faction. However, you may do so if you tell a member of the NHS to leave an area and they refuse.

The NHS has the following ranks that you may be promoted to if you regularly do good work and attend NHS meetings:

  • HCA (Health Care Assistant)


  • Nurse


  • Doctor


  • Surgeon

Each rank comes with added benefits such as the opportunity to drive new vehicles or pilot helicopters, new gear and different clothing.



Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - HATO

HATO is also known as the Highways Agency. They’re the faction that is responsible for traffic management on the island. You can call them via the dispatch system and asking them for help if you are stranded without a repair kit for your car. They will come and repair your vehicle for you.

The highways agency is also responsible for traffic management. This means that they are able to set up checkpoints on any of the main roads on the island, this will slow traffic down and make it possible for the police to check vehicles such as they would in a police checkpoint.

HATO is also capable of impounding a vehicle that is illegally parked, clamping a vehicle that is illegally parked and, they can also tow them. You will have to pay a fee to HATO to unclamp your vehicle. You are not allowed to take HATO members hostage and you are not allowed to initiate on them via the dispatch system.

HATO has the following ranks that you may be promoted to if you regularly do good work and attend HATO meetings:

  • ISU (Incident Support Unit)


  • T/O (Traffic Officer)


  • SOOC (Senior Officer on Call)


  • T/M (Team Manager)


  • O/M (Operations Manager)



Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Police

The police are the ultimate crime-stopping force on Altis. They are responsible for a wide variety of tasks. On Altis the police force is separated into 3 different departments. These are known as the Kaval Department, the RPU (Road Policing Unit) Department & the Sofia Department. Each of these departments has their own independent jurisdiction. They can patrol within their jurisdiction. They will however cross into another departments jurisdiction if they are pursuing an active crime.

The police departments are always in contact with each other via the TeamSpeak channel. They act as one unit and initiating with one of them initiates you with all of them. Keep this in mind before you try to fight them. The police are responsible for many tasks throughout the day, they will patrol to keep an eye out for anyone partaking in any crime. They will also patrol the cities of Altis to prevent crime.

The police will also scope out any areas that are known for illegal activity such as the drug dealers and they will try to arrest anyone that is caught in these areas. The police will also respond to dispatches that they receive, break-ins and robberies. It is also their duty to respond to mission zones such as the various banks. If a rebel triggers the bank, then the police will switch to a tac ops channel and a select number of cops will respond to the bank.

Be warned, the police can use special tactical gear, weapons and different colored cars to respond to these operations.  The police also have the power to stop and search you if they suspect you to be guilty of partaking in any illegal activities. They can arrest you, fine you accordingly and they also are in their right to seize any illegal goods. They can confiscate legal goods that are being used in an illegal way. Example: you murder someone with a legal firearm. The police can remove it.

There are also separate rules that apply to members of the police so make sure that you read the police handbook and the server rules so that you know what they are.

The police have the following ranking system. You can ascend these ranks by having excellent behavior, demonstrating that you are a good cop and regularly attending police meetings:

  • PCSO (Police Community Support Officer)


  • PC (Police Constable)


  • SPC (Special Police Constable)


  • DC (Detective Constable)


  • DS (Detective Sargent)


  • INSP (Inspector)


  • C/INSP (Chief Inspector)


  • SUPT (Superintendent)


  • C/SUPT (Chief Superintendent)


  • A/CC (Assistant Chief Constable)


  • D/CC (Deputy Chief Constable)


  • CC (Chief Constable)

Each individual rank in the police comes with new benefits, features and perks. You can access new gear such as new weapons items and armor with each rank. You can also unlock access to better vehicles.



NATO is currently disbanded. They are a more advanced tactical faction that usually deals with the more advanced tactical operations alongside the police. If NATO comes back, then this section will be updated.



Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Gangs

Gangs are just what you would expect. They’re groups of players that have aligned themselves with a common goal. Gang members can see each other’s locations on the map and allied gang members will have a hexagon hovering over them. Gangs are there to provide each other with protection and can carry out runs, robberies and missions together such as bank operations.

Gangs come in 2 categories. Established and Hobo. An established gang is a gang that is well known, has multiple members and is established on the server. These gangs are usually made up of multiple rebels and insurgents and are capable of undertaking bank operations and conflict zones.

Gangs can capture certain areas of the map. These areas can affect the paycheck of gang members and how much XP and money they earn from performing different tasks. For example, gangs are able to capture gang hideouts which allow gang members to purchase armor and weapons from as well as pulling vehicles out.

Gangs are also able to capture the Ghost Hotel and the multiple Power Plants to gain an XP boost, paycheck boost and power plants power the multiple different factories that are currently located on rebel island.



Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Rebels

Once you have been on the server for a little while and have earned some money and gained enough experience you may decide that you want to become a rebel. There are many benefits to becoming a rebel but there are requirements to be met as well.

You must be at least level 5 in-game and the rebel license will set you back £2,000,000. Once you have met these requirements you can travel to the rebel outpost, there are 3 outposts on the map. Once you get there go to the vendor and scroll to the licensing option. Now purchase yourself a rebel license.

Now that you are a rebel you have access to a lot of new weapons, vehicles, licensing options and equipment. Firstly, you are now able to buy an array of new higher-powered weapons. The 2 new calibers that you will unlock are: 5.56 and 6.5. This gives you access to the following:


  • SDAR


  • TRG 21


  • MK 20


  • Katiba


  • MX


  • MXC


  • MXM


  • Spar 16


  • Spar 16s


  • AK-74 U


  • All F.I.A Clothing


  • All A.A.AF Clothing


  • All C.S.A.T Clothing


  • LBV Harness


  • ELBV Harness


  • Tactical Vest


  • Raven Vest


  • Carrier Lite


  • Crew Helmet


  • Crew Helmet [AAF]


  • Modular Helmet


  • Protector Helmet


  • Camo Off-road


  • Camo Quadbike


  • HEMMT Ammo


  • HEMMT Box


  • MH-9 Hummingbird


  • PO-30 Orca


  • Hellcat


  • CH-67 Huron


  • Taru


  • Fuel pod

There are more items that will be added to the list in the future as changes happen frequently on the server and some may have been missed.  You will also gain access to new virtual items such as handcuffs which can be used to restrain other players.


Insurgent / Advanced Rebel

Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Insurgent

Insurgent, also known as an advanced rebel is a prestigious rank held by few players on the server. It is reserved as a reward for long time players who have shown dedication to playing the server long enough to reach it. It has quite high requirements but also comes with many features.

Firstly, there are different rules for players who possess the insurgent license. They are not allowed to rob ‘low-end’ runs. This means that they are expected to leave lower-tier runs alone so that they do not discourage newer players from playing the server.

They are also expected to have exceptionally good role-play and you should expect this from someone who is an insurgent.

The requirements to become insurgent are the following, you must be level 10 in-game and the cost of the license is £20,000,000. Although the insurgent license is expensive the rewards it comes with make it worth it.

Now that you have purchased your insurgent license you have access to new vehicles, new weapons, new armor, new clothing and new equipment. You also have an array of new abilities:


  • Restrain people without handcuffs


  • Hack into the estate agent property list


  • Unrestraint people without lockpicks


Virtual Items:

  • Snap Gun


  • Spike Strip



  • CCTV Terminal


  • Hacking Device


  • Compact NVGs



  • Lush, Semi-Arid and Arid Full Ghillies


  • Syndikat Uniforms


  • Viper Harness Backpack



  • Carrier Rig


  • Carrier GL Rig



  • Enhanced Combat Helmet


  • Advanced Protector Helmet



  • Quilin (Unarmed)


  • Quilin (Armed)


  • Ifrit


  • Offroad (HMG)


  • Strider


Rebel Outpost

Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Rebel Outpost

The rebel outpost is a location where rebels and insurgents go to purchase their equipment, clothing, weapons, vehicles and helicopters. It is also the only location where you can purchase illegal licenses, the rebel license and the insurgent license. Police are not allowed to come to the rebel outpost.

You can rob people at the rebel outpost, but it is generally looked down on as most rebels won’t do it. The rebel outpost is the only location on the map where rebels can purchase normal and advanced rebel gear. You can purchase MRAP vehicles and heal your wounds here. The outpost is also the only location where players can purchase the snap gun and handcuffs.

There are 3 locations that are considered rebel outposts. They’re all marked on the map and they’re all out of the way from the rest of the island. There is North Rebel which is located here.

Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - The Rebel Outpost on Map


South Rebel which is located here.

Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - The Rebel Outpost on Map 2


And North East Rebel which is located here.

Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Rebel Outpost North East



Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Zones

The Grand Theft Arma maps have several different designated colour zones. Each zone means something different with regards to the rules and what is and is not allowed inside each zone. What you can and cannot do in each zone is detailed below inclusive with the name of each zone. Please do note, further and more specific examples of each rule and how each zone operates can be found in the server rules.


Conflict Zone

Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Conflict Zones

The conflict zones are areas for rebels to contest across the island. Conflict zones will appear 10 minutes after a server restart on Server 1, conflict zones are not available on Server 2. When the zones appear, they will be available for capture by any rebel gang who dares take the challenge. Be warned that many gangs who are extremely capable will also be trying to capture these zones.

A primary weapon is required to capture. The conflict zones are split up into “nodes” that can be captured to increase the gang’s overall score. If a player is not involved (meaning the player has not captured nodes and is just passing by) an initiation is required to kill them.  However, for anyone that is clearly involved in the conflict zone you can KOS (kill on sight).

Before the conflict zone starts on Altis, there is a voting system that can be used by typing vote in chat, this will bring up 3 different zones in which you can vote for one to be chosen. After 1 minute of voting the zone will start. Conflict zone nodes cannot be captured for the first 60 seconds of the conflict zone spawning.


Green Zones

Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Green Zones

Green zones can be found covering the main cities of the map. These zones have the highest level of police activity and are also one of the strictest areas with regard to laws. For a full list of the laws, please visit the APC Handbook.

Things to keep in mind while you are in a green zone:

  • Green zones are the main no-fly zones found on the map. If you choose to fly inside the green zone, without prior agreement with the Altis Police Constabulary, you run the risk of being shot out of the sky. If you are successful in landing an air vehicle within a Green zone you may be apprehended later, and your air vehicle may be crushed.

  • Medics (Doctor and above) and National Police Air Service pilots are permitted inside Green zones to fulfill their duties or to land their helicopters.

  • You are not allowed to kidnap or rob (remove any item of clothing or possession) from police officers while they are inside of green zones or in their immediate surrounding area. Green zones are where Police spend most of their time enforcing laws and try to encourage good Roleplay with other citizens and must feel safe whilst doing so.

  • You may not take a player or hold a player hostage inside of the green zones or in their immediate surrounding area and you are also not permitted to forcefully take that person out of the green zone without them wanting to.

  • You play as an individual in the green zones, this means that Roleplay does not get initiated for you when your gang members get into a fight with the Police or any other players. You yourself must be involved with the Roleplay and may not simply jump into a fight.   This does not apply for BLUEFOR meaning if you initiate on a Police officer then any BLUEFOR member can freely use their taser, restrain or even shoot you inside and outside of these Green zones.

This does not mean BLUEFOR is then initiated on your entire gang, only on the one person who chose to initiate.

Conflict Zones have a feature that is directly linked through to the website known as the conflict leaderboard. The conflict leaderboard shows the top gangs of the month who have won the conflict zone. It is an achievement for your gang to be placed at the top of this leaderboard.


Pink Zones

Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Pink Zones

A pink zone is a zone that only appears during a scheduled event on the server, normally around Easter and Christmas and is normally announced via the changelog. The Pink Zone spawns every 40 minutes (20 minutes on the last day) and is most commonly either Santa Claus or The Easter Bunny. The reward will spawn anywhere within the zone and can only be seen on foot or in a wheeled vehicle. This can be claimed via the scroll wheel and will give you a random award, some are rare items and some an XP rewards. The pink zone can spawn anywhere on the map. The most recent event in the pink zone being the "Third-anniversary Big Ian Hunt" where players would hunt to find "Big Ian" who would in return give them a rare item. Though most of the time this was XP.

Pink zones have some unique rules including:

  • You may not rob people in or around the pink zone


  • You may not soft log to the pink zone


  • The pink zone is largely a no combat zone


Blue Zones

Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Blue Zones

Blue zones are areas on the map in which large scale robberies have been triggered. These robberies consist of the following: Neochori Bank, Charkia Bank, Zaros Bank, USS Liberty, Evidence Storage and The Royal Mint. The blue zone itself has several rules surrounding it.

  • BLUFOR and Rebels can KOS each other.


  • Rebels must initiate on other rebels prior to shooting each other.


  • The New Life Rule (NLR) is different within the zone. You may not return to the blue zone under any circumstance if you die with any involvement in it. (unless given permission by staff).


  • The Blue Zone also consists of other locations: Both Oreokastro and Selakano Money Launderer. Also, anywhere within a <1000m radius within a bank truck.


Red Zones

GrandTheftArmA Red Zones

Red Zones are found on the Rebel Island, Ghost Hotel and additionally they are placed around airdrops when activated. You do not need to initiate, these areas are kill on sight. You are not allowed to shoot into the zones from outside the zones without prior initiation.



Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Robbing

When playing on Grandtheftarma, you may encounter other players with gear that is more valuable than yours. You are allowed to rob players. Note: Exceptions to this are Insurgents should not rob new players or players that appear to have no gear, also you are not allowed to shoot and kill a person who is unarmed.

When planning to rob someone you should try to meet a as many as the following conditions as possible:

  • Make sure that you get the element of surprise


  • Position yourself so that you have the advantage


  • Try to rob people with other gang members


  • Try to rob people who are not with their gang members

If you meet these conditions, then you have a pretty decent chance of coming out the victor. Remember that people should always value their lives so if you go behind someone and put a gun to their head, if they fail to comply and turn around to shoot you then this is most likely FailRP. Remember to record when playing on the server so you can use video evidence against people who break the rules or to defend your name in the event someone disputes/ reports you.

Once someone has surrendered to you and has placed their hands above their head, you should remember to immediately seize their communications. You can do this by pressing the right windows key and pressing, ‘seize communications. This will take away that player’s radio, map and GPS. This will prevent the player from contacting any of their gang members or the police.

Now you will have the ability to restrain the player, if you are not insurgent yet then you will need a pair of handcuffs. You can get these from the rebel outpost. Go up to the player and press Shift + R. Now you can press the scroll wheel and select the option to rob the player. This will give you any money that they had on them.

If you are not insurgent, then you will not be able to simply open someone’s inventory and take their belongings from them. This is a feature exclusive to insurgents. So, you will have to take the player to a hidden location (to avoid interference from any other player and/ or the police). You can do this by pressing the right windows key and selecting the, ‘escort’ option. This will allow you to drag the player around and place them in vehicles.

Once you are hidden, you can now unrestrain the player and command them to drop their gear on the floor. You will now be able to pick their gear up. You can now do what you want with the player, you could either take them as a hostage and demand a ransom from the police or their gang or you could set them free.



Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Banks
It is possible for rebels to ‘rob’ the banks on the island. There are 3 different banks in total, Nechori, The Royal Mint & Chalikea. These banks each have different payouts and each have different rules surrounding them. BLUFOR will retaliate to any rebel presence at a bank and expect to be shot at by them. Please read the rules for any further questions on banks.


Day/Night Cycle

Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - day night cycle

GrandtheftArmA provides players with a day/night cycle. This has recently been reintroduced to the server. The cycle provides realism for players and makes the immersion feel more intense. You can use the cover of the nighttime to secretly take the back roads when doing important runs with your gang. Be careful however as other players may be using NVGs and will be able to spot you.


Banking System

Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Banking system

GrandtheftArmA has a banking system that allows players to store cash safely so other players can not steal it from them. In GrandtheftArmA when you do a run, steal from another player or do pretty much anything that will earn you cash (exception: receiving a wire transfer from another player) you will receive the money on your person. This money is not as safe as it is not in your bank account. This means that if you die or a player robs you then you will lose that money. This can be a pain, especially when you’re doing a run and need to deposit the money from your run.

We recommend that you never keep more than what you need on you at any given time and when you get the chance you should always store excess money in your bank.



Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Membership
If you find that you enjoy playing the server and would like to donate to keep it running then you should consider purchasing a membership. The membership fee is £10 GBP/ Mo. This helps with the expensive upkeep of such a large community. It also comes with many benefits. Once the server reaches a certain donation goal then everything in games becomes half price for a limited time. This is really good if you want to purchase a house or something expensive. You also get the following member-exclusive features:

  • Reduced Login Timer


  • Unique Vehicle Templates


  • Spray Paint Item


  • Unique Nametag Icons


  • Custom Number Plates


  • Forum & TS


  • Unique Clothing


  • Extended MyGTA Stats


  • Unique Weapon Skins


  • Airdrop


  • Saveable Loadouts


Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Conclusion

Ultimate Guide to GrandTheftArmA - Conclusion

This list is Glitchtech Gaming’s ultimate guide to Altis life, focusing on the server GrandTheftArmA. We play on there regularly and find it to be the best role-play community available. Please read the rules before you decide to play on the server and remember to always have fun. This list will be regularly updated to keep current with the server’s meta.

If you think that we have missed anything then feel free to leave a comment down below!

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